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Santa Clara Working Scholars

Santa Clara Working Scholars is helping City of Santa Clara employees earn a college degree with no financial burden or debt. The program offers college on-demand so participants can take courses anywhere, anytime. Participants are provided with coaching and support to stay motivated along the way.

Santa Clara is excited to launch the Working Scholars program for its civic employees. The Santa Clara Working Scholars program is an entire Bachelor's degree pathway that allows employees to start or finish their degree no matter where they are on their educational journey. Students are supported by their personalized success coach the entire journey and are provided a structured degree roadmap that leverages all transferable existing credit.

How It Works

Getting Started

  1. Attend an info session or kick off event

  2. Apply online

  3. Get pre-approved by your employer if required

  4. A success coach will email steps to create your account

  5. Create your account



1. Complete two short online courses to see if online learning is right for you

  • Complete College Success Strategies course

  • Complete Finance 102 course

2. Complete supplemental application which includes:

  • Personal statement

  • Transcripts of prior college credit (if applicable)

  • Employment verification


3. You will be notified via email if you are accepted into the program


Taking Courses

  1. Your coach will assign you courses and a timeframe for completion

  2. You will receive a degree map that shows you all required course for your degree

  3. Complete up to 30 courses on

  4. You are required to complete at least one course every two months

Transferring to Your Graduating University

  1. Work with your coach for help transferring credits and enrolling

  2. Complete additional credits needed online with the university

  3. Graduate with your bachelor's degree

  4. Receive on-going career support (job hunting, skills development, etc..) as an alumnus of the graduating university


How Much Does It Cost?

Each year of costs $2,000 which is covered by your existing tuition assistance plan. Costs associated with the graduating university may vary and exceed tuition reimbursement limits, resulting in some out of pocket cost


Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED

  • 18 years or older

  • Proof of employment

  • Access to internet and computer

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More questions? Contact



I already have some college credits. Will they transfer into this program?

Yes! This program will accept Regionally accredited college credits to be applied to your degree. They may not all be applicable to your degree, but our team will review your transcripts and provide a degree map of what your previously earned credits will likely cover.


How long will it take to earn my degree?

The timeline can vary greatly depending on how much previous credit you are able to transfer in. If you are starting with zero credits, and work at our accelerated pace (2 courses per month) you can complete the bachelor's degree in just under 2 years.


You said I can earn my degree from my phone. How is this possible?

All of the courses that you will take in the program can be accessed 24/7 through the mobile app. You can watch and read our lessons, and take quizzes, anytime. The only thing that cannot be completed on your phone is the final exam.


What degrees are available?

You can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, or a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. Each degree has several concentration options available.


Who are the counselors/teachers? has a team of Success Coaches who are here to guide you throughout your academic journey. Your Success Coach, as your main point of contact in the program, schedules your courses, and even helps with the transfer process to TESU. courses are recorded lessons administered by subject matter experts.


Will employers recognize this degree?

Absolutely! Upon completion of this program you will have earned a regionally accredited bachelor's degree.


Who is is on a mission to make education accessible. Our focus is to simplify and accelerate learning and help people unlock opportunities for a better future. helps over 30 million students and teachers each month improve grades, gain career skills and earn college credit through our video-based micro-learning platform.

When do classes start? courses are asynchronous, so you can begin coursework anytime! There are no set days or times that you need to be logged in - you can make your own schedule that works for you!

If I want to earn a degree that you don't offer, can I take other classes on

There are hundreds of college courses offered on, however this program is designed as a complete the pathway for the Business and Liberal Studies degrees offered through TESU. If you are passionate about pursuing different degree pathways, this program may not be the right one for you.

What if I am unable to complete my degree through

Are my credits still worth anything? courses are approved for college credit though the American Council on Education (ACE) and The National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS). Credits earned on may be eligible to transfer to schools that accept ACE and NCCRS credits